Facebook Poll Results

Last night, after most of the Mother’s Day excitement had died down, I visited the Facebook wall to post some fun and interesting polls for you guys to vote on.  I got a kick out of the results and figured you would, also, so I wanted to share them with you.

The first question I asked was, “How many of your Facebook friends do you actually know and talk to outside of Facebook?”  I was surprised that even one of you chose the last option!

The next question I asked had to do with your bathroom etiquette.  I said, “When using a public restroom do you:”

I then asked you, out of all of the food groups, “Would you rather live only on:”

My next question had to do with your fashion preferences.  I asked, “When shopping, do designer tags influence your purchase?”

With the last question, I had you use your imagination a bit.  I asked, “Would you rather spend a day with a:”

I hope you guys had as much fun taking these polls as I did making them!  Make sure you stay active on our Facebook page, because you never know what fun and interesting surprises might pop up!