Get CASH for your Swag Bucks!

Here at Swagbucks we take everyones comments and concerns to heart.  I know that many of you have written in requesting that we stock the Swag Store with different denominations for PayPal Gift Cards.  Well, guess what?!  We just did!

In addition to the $5 PayPal Gift Card, you can now snag a $10 card, a $25 card, a $50 card, and a $100 card.  PayPal Cards are just as good as cold, hard cash – so this is your chance to turn your Swag Bucks into real money!  When you snag your card, the redeemed amount will be deposited right into your PayPal account.  Use this money on anything – gas, food, clothing, gifts – anything!

What will you use your PayPal Gift Card on?