Getting Social With Swagbucks

Whether you’re a battle-tested Swaggernaut or you’re new to the site and are just learning the ropes, we at Swagbucks do our best to create the most rewarding experience on internet, and that experience doesn’t end on – we extend those opportunities to our Social Media profiles too. Here’s a list of all the rewarding opportunities we have on those sites:

Facebook – At any time, we might hide a code somewhere on our Facebook page. You might see TSGal playing a game of Hangman where the Swaggernauts lucky enough to be the contestants get a shot to win some Swag Bucks, or TSGal or I posting a pic or asking a trivia question and hooking up the winners with some big time Bucks.

Twitter – in addition to the codes and quick games that we sometimes play on Twitter, there are three big ways that Twitter can pay off for you:

1. Hashtags – everyday we hook up three (or more) Swaggernauts with at least 100 Swag Bucks for using a hashtag (#Swagbucks, unless we say otherwise). We’ll even let you know who we hooked up!

2. TTPTP – Also known as the Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays, this is a weekly contest where we come up with special phrase and you get creative with your tweets for the chance to win up to 500 Swag Bucks! Here’s an example of a TTPTP. There’s an extra chance to earn here – send us a suggestion for a TTPTP and you’ll get 150 if we use it!

3. Twitter Trivia – Every Thursday, we have our own quiz show held right on Twitter – four questions, which means multiple chance for you to win some big time Swag Bucks. Just like TTPTP, you can submit questions and get hooked up if they’re used.

As you can see, Facebook and Twitter are more than just a way to talk to us and each other – at Swagbucks, they represent more opportunities for you to earn!