Hook Me Up

I’m sure most of you know about the daily hookups that go on here at Swagbucks.  But, to those who don’t know, I’m here to enlighten you!

If you’re not following us on Twitter, yet, you might want to start!  Everyday, I hookup 3 random users with 100SB who send tweets that include “#swagbucks.”  These tweets could be as simple as “I love #Swagbucks!”  You could send a tweet saying you just earned X amount of Swag Bucks on #Swagbucks, or you just redeemed X prize on #Swagbucks.  All of these are eligible for hookups.

But how do you get hooked up?  Well, I have access to all of the tweets that are sent that use #swagbucks.  Everyday, I look through them and pick out 3 that I feel are deserving of the bucks.  Based on YOUR INFORMATION that you’ve provided on your Twitter account (Full Name, Swag Name, Referral Link), I can find you in our system and automatically hook you up.  If you haven’t included any of this information in your Twitter account, make sure you include your Swag Name when you send us a tweet, or else we will not be able to find you in our system.

Everyday I also hookup users who have left insightful, informative, and/or constructive comments in the Blog, Swag Store, or on SBTV videos.  These users will automatically get credited with 100 Swag Bucks!  Here are some examples of comments that have earned hookups:

In the blog: “Donating is essential on swagbucks. I’m so glad about how you do all these relief efforts now. I’m also very happy to see myself and my family contributing their “virtual money” to save others instead of themselves. For Everylike I get on this comment. I will donate 100 swagbucks DAILY and every additional like will equal 5 swagbucks extra donated. I will put Screenshots of my donations of facebook. Thank You Swagbucks for being so generous. :o” – Royex777

On an SBTV video: “I think I’m going to try the honey ones by Joes Jeans. They made her look awesome-hopefully they can do something for me too.” – danaefarias

On an SBTV video: “There are a lot of new wound care products that make use of honey so using sugar makes just as much sense.” – freak369

On Swag Store item: “My mother has this, and it works great and makes great icecream. Im saving for this item for myself, I just need 2000 more points to go, Hopeful by summer time :)” – kcrocker

As you can see, all of these comments are relevant, appropriate, and useful.

These daily hookups offer you two of the easiest ways to earn Swag Bucks.  Get rewarded for sharing your thoughts!