Howdy, Partner!

This topic is very common among the customer service inquiries we receive. Often times, we find that users are just not aware we have partner sites. Partner sites vary in focus from Star Trek ( to World Wrestling Entertainment ( to NFL teams ( to musical artists (  Each partner site has exclusive prizes that do not appear on You can find a complete list of partner sites here.
Earning search wins on partner sites can result in Swag Bucks you cannot use on I know how frustrating this can be when you attempt to order that prize you have been saving for, only to find out you are 100 Swag Bucks less from your goal.
Here are a few tips to help keep you on track to earning the correct bucks:
  1. Swag Bucks can only be redeemed on the site from which they were earned. So, if you earned 5 Packers Swag Bucks from those Bucks can not be redeemed on, just as general Swag Bucks cannot be used to redeem prizes on  The Bucks must be redeemed on the site which they were earned.  The same goes for partner site swag codes.  Partner Swag Codes will only appear valid when entered on that site and are only redeemable for prizes on that same site.
  2. Referrals who search on a partner site and win will earn you bucks for that partner site and you will receive matching bucks for the same partner site. So if one day you wake up and you have KISS Swag Bucks this may be why.
  3. Finally, our CS team cannot remove or swap out these partner bucks from your account.  When using your total will include all of your earned bucks on various search sites. This can be confusing, so be sure to check your Account Ledger for a breakdown of your bucks and which site they are from.
We hope that you utilize and enjoy our partner sites if those prizes appeal to you.  It is our pleasure to offer these targeted sites to fans in addition to the more familiar
As always, we enjoy helping each one of you enjoy your time here on If you have any feedback or questions regarding the partner sites leave a comment.