Invite & Earn

When you get someone to sign up as your referral on, you earn what they earn through search, with a cap of 1000 Swag Bucks per referral. Now, we’re taking it one step further, and giving you a Bonus Buck just for sending out the invite! It’s all part of our new Invite & Earn page!

Here’s how it works: you can connect with any of the services we have listed (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Google), and we’ll diligently scan your contacts for people you know who are not already on Swagbucks, then present them to you. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT store any information about your contacts. This is only for the purposes of showing you the people you can invite. For the purposes of this demonstration, we chose Facebook:

As you can see, you’ll be presented with your Facebook friends who aren’t on Swagbucks. Select one (or more; you know better than we do who might be interested in Swagbucks) and then click “Invite Friends To Facebook”. As long as you use this page send ONE invite to ONE valid person/email address that you haven’t invited before, you’ll get your Bonus Buck!

Here’s another perk – you’ll see friends who are already on Swagbucks, and if you aren’t connected to them yet, you can add them as SB friends!

Just a few things to keep in mind:

1. You can only earn the Bonus Buck once a day, so you won’t earn multiple bucks for coming back to the page and sending out invites over and over again in a day. If you try again, you’ll see this:

2. You only have to send an invite to one person to earn the buck. You don’t have to send a message to your entire address book (that wouldn’t help either of us).

3. If you select Twitter or LinkedIn, your invites will be sent to friends as private, direct messages. If you select Facebook, your invite will appear as a post on your friend’s wall (meaning others might get in on the act – bonus!)

Have fun out there; we’re confident the new invite system results in more referrals for all of you!