Justin’s Tips: TTPTP

Hi everyone,

Justin from Team Swagbucks here again. Remember how last week, I told you about how submitting poll ideas is a great way to earn some easy SBs? Well here’s another tip from the inside.

Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays: Anyone who’s ever read this blog much knows that every Tuesday, we have a new phrase that pays. What you might not realize is that if you have a clever idea for a phrase that pays, you can send it in to theswagguy@swagbucks.com and if it gets selected, you’ll receive 150SB for your creativity! Just come up with something fun and interesting for everyone to tweet about like “If you could sell one thing in your house for Swag Bucks, what would it be and why” or “If you were a supervillain, what would your name be & describe your powers” or give everyone a fill in the blank like “____________ & then u know u’r swaggin #TTPTP”

Keep it simple. One of the tougher parts can be coming up with a question people can answer in a creative way within a tweet which is only 140 characters. Say you want to suggest a fill in the blank like “____________ was the most interesting and exciting subject I ever had in high school through college #TTPTP.” They’ll only have 45 characters left to work with. That’s less than the amount I used in the last sentence.

Be specific. “Something that rhymes;” “Something about a pirate;” “Something that will make me win swag bucks…” None of these are really complete ideas nor creative enough to warrant the 150SB reward. “Write a rhyming 3 line poem about a swashbuckling Swaggernaut” would be a more useful combination of the ideas above.

If you’re still not totally sure what makes a good TTPTP submission, here are some recent TTPTP challenges we’ve really enjoyed:

“Put your own spin on feeling butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous.”
“If you could replace one of your body parts, how would you do so?”
“Come up with the sequel for the hit song “Eye of the Tiger.”
“What happens to the pennies in a wishing well?”

Thanks for reading, everybody. Good luck and happy swagging.