Look for Less Follow-Up

Yesterday, we started working on a Look for Less for Kate Middleton. Here’s the adorable outfit that we are aiming to find at an affordable price:

And here’s what we have so far:

I had some trouble matching Kate’s dress, so I turned to you guys for help.  I asked you to find a similar dress at an affordable price, and the user with the best match would be hooked up with 100SB!  I was very impressed by all of your finds, but one dress in particular I thought was a nearly perfect match.  Apparently, quite a few of you thought the same thing, so I’m going to hook up all four users who suggested this dress from Zara, priced at $59.90.  Let’s take a look:

What do you think?  To find out where to find all of these items, click here to go to the original blog post.

Great job everyone, and thanks for your help!  Congratulations to LORISCOUPONING, firelass, SWAGLAXBRO, and Ladeecash for finding the best match!  Enjoy your 100SB!