Memorial Day Poll Round-Up

Due to yesterday’s holiday, we weren’t able to fit in our weekly poll round-up.  So today I thought we’d put a little spin on the week’s poll round-up.  I created a few Memorial Day themed polls on our Facebook page yesterday and decided I would share the results with you today.

When asked which Military branch you have a closer connection to, most of you selected the Army, with the Navy coming in second, and the Air Force not too far behind:

When asked if you were ever in the Military, most of you responded with “No – I don’t plan on joining”:

Then I asked if you knew anyone in the Military.  Almost 4,000 Swaggenauts said that they know a lot of people in the Military:

We definitely have a good batch of Military families at Swag Nation!  As always, we appreciate all who risk or give up their lives to serve and protect our country.