Monica’s CS Comment Roundup-Week Two

Great questions last week. I am going to dive right in and answer a few of those for you now. Keep posting them in the comments, I will try to answer them all in the coming weeks.

Can I have the toolbar on more than one browser or computer? Can I access from work and home?

You can install the toolbar on multiple computers and browsers. The key here is to make sure you are using the same account login and not accidently start a new account. Remember, it is one account per household. You can, however, access your account from other locations such as work and home without worry of being deactivated.

Captchas aren’t working, what am I doing wrong?

Captchas are case sensitive, so please make sure you are entering the captcha in the same case that it is displayed. If you are having a hard time making out the 3 letters displayed, feel free to hit refresh and you will be provided with a different configuration.

Why are Swag Codes given at the same times? How about some variety?

TSG and TSGal are working hard to make sure these codes are given randomly at all times of the day. If you have some suggestions on times you would like to see codes, let us know in the comments. No guarantees, but we will try to mix it up a bit for everyone. Remember, we do want to keep the thrill alive with the codes, if we tell you when you won’t be surprised. You never know when the next Swag Code is coming… =)