Monica’s CS Comment Roundup

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question in the comments last week. I know I said I would only be choosing one question per week, but there were a few I felt could be bundled into this post. So here we go…

Do Swagbucks expire?

Currently, Swag Bucks do not expire on an active account.

Is there a limit to how often you can buy a $5 Amazon card, or can you grab as many as you want?

There is a 2 per day order limit on all prizes. Each prize also has a 5 order per calendar month limit per person. That doesn’t mean that you can only get 5 prizes per month, it just means you can only get the same prize 5 times per month.

How do Swagstakes work? How do you earn them? How do you redeem them? Since I’ve started, it says I have 24 Swagstakes entries. I have no idea how I got them or what they are good for, and I would like to know. Thanks!

Trusted Surveys has a system where Swaggernauts who get halfway or even all the way through a survey only to discover that the quota for that particular survey has been filled. Those Swaggernauts are now automatically entered into a drawing for 1000 Swag Bucks.¬†We hold these drawings 3 times each day, and you can see that you’ve been entered by checking the “My Swagstakes” tab of your “My Account” page.

As per last week’s blog, submit a general customer service related question in the comments and I will choose a few to answer each week. I look forward to helping you move forward and enjoy your Swag Bucks experience.