Movie DADness!

Yesterday we announced the four Animated Dads who will be competing for the title of Ultimate Dad in our DADness competition. Today, it’s time to announce the four Dads In The Movies who will battle it out…

George Bailey – George Bailey is the selfless father of four.  He married his childhood sweetheart, Mary Hatch, and started up Bailey Park, an affordable housing project.  You may have to raise your voice when speaking with him, as he lost his hearing in one ear after heroically saving his brother from drowning.

Atticus Finch – Widowed father of two, Atticus Finch is a lawyer in his hometown of Maycomb, Alabama.  He admirably agreed to defend African-American, innocent man, Tom Robinson, in the most controversial trial the town had ever seen.  Although it shouldn’t sway your vote, Finch was voted by the American Film Institute as the greatest hero in American film.

Darth Vader – While he had a rocky relationship with his kids at the beginning (after all, they were hidden from him for many years), The Dark Lord of the Sith (born Anakin Skywalker) turned out to be a great dad, making the ultimate sacrifice for his baby boy Luke by throwing his own boss down a reactor shaft. Who cares if he was AFI’s third greatest villain of all-time? In the end, Darth isn’t THAT bad…

Clark Griswold – Clark may be the quintessential dad – all he wants is some quality time with his wife Ellen and his kids Audrey and Rusty, and whether it’s a cross-country drive to Wally World, and elaborate European getaway or just a simple Christmas at home, Clark fails spectacularly. It’s definitely not for a lack of caring or trying, though. Clark might try to earn a few extra kudos for technically having 8 kids, since different actors played his children in each movie.

As you can see, the Movie Dads bracket is chock full of very deserving candidates. Come back tomorrow, when TSG will break down the TV Dads!