Poll Round-Up Week of May 2, 2011

Good morning and happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day and a great weekend!!

Let’s review the Daily Polls from the past week.

I’m glad to see that 62% of our Swaggernauts would be supportive of their team regardless of their performance.  I feel the same way – everyone, and every team, has good days and bad days!

I think it’s very nice that most of you with a mother-in-law get her a gift for Mother’s Day.  She may not be your mother, but she’s still a mother!

I have to agree with the 51% of you who said that Kate Middelton’s dress was gorgeous.  The whole wedding was just so fairytale-like.

33% of our Swaggernauts said that the school years they remember most fondly are grades 9-12, the high school years.  I voted for grades 6-8, as 6th grade was my favorite year!  I had a great teacher and all of my friends were in the class that year.  I only remember positive memories from 6th grade!

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