Run Swagasaurus, Run!

I hope you guys are enjoying our very first Swagbucks themed game, Swagasaurus Run. Like I warned you guys yesterday, it can be very addicting! I’ve been playing for the past few minutes, and I’m proud to announce that I lasted 88.77 seconds before Swagasaurus fell:

Do you think you can beat my score? Well, Swaggernauts, I am challenging you. Today, in place of Hashtag Hookups, I will hookup 3 Swaggernauts who post a screenshot of their high score (like the one pictured above) on Twitter. (Use a website like to host your image.) These 3 users will be rewarded with 100 Swag Bucks. You MUST include “@Swagbucks” in your tweet, and you MUST include your SWAG NAME in order for your tweet to qualify.

Your tweet should look something like this:
“@Swagbucks – I just lasted X seconds on Swagasaurus Run! [screenshot] [Swag Name]”

Now run, Swagasaurus, run!

Good luck!