Swag Code Extravaganza – 1st Clue

Who’s excited for the Swag Code Extravaganza?  Did you guys snag the code this morning?

Throughout the day, I will be releasing clues that will help you hunt down that final, big code at the end of the day.  The clues that I give out will help you determine the title of a previous blog post we have written.  Once you find the title, go to that blog post to find the hidden code.

Some clues may have you utilize different tools that you might not be too familiar with.  Please note, when visiting the Swag Store, you have the option to sort your search results by country, price range, or promotion.  You can select these options by clicking on “All Prizes” from the Swag Store, and from there customize your results from the left-side panel:

Now, are you all ready for your first clue?  Well, here it is:

The title of the blog post is 11 letters in total.

Good luck!