Tea, Crumpets, and an Amazon Gift Card

Attention all my UK Swaggernauts!!

I know how much you guys love those Amazon Gift Cards, so we’ve created a Swagstakes for a 5 GBP Amazon.co.uk e-Gift Card, and we’re giving you a better chance of winning!

What makes this Swagstakes different from others is that there can only be 66 entries!  That means, just by buying one entry, you’re giving yourself a one in 66 chance of winning – pretty good odds!  However, once those 66 entries are gone, that’s it – the Swagstakes ends.  This Swagstakes will cycle, so when the 66 entries are taken, one of those entrants will be the winner of that 5 GBP Amazon.co.uk e-Gift Card, and then it will start over with another 66 entries available.  Each entry is 45 Swag Bucks, so buy one, buy two, or buy them all!!

Good luck!