Team Swagbucks Is On Top Of It

Last week TSG wrote a post about Team Swagbucks removing malicious offers from our Special Offers page. Of course, not every offer is removed because it installs software; sometimes we’ll remove an offer because we think it’s misleading. Here’s an example of an offer we took the initiative to remove because we felt that it was misleading:

At first glance, this seems like a straightforward offer – get a gift card for as little as $10 and earn yourself some Swag Bucks:

However, once you click through, all of a sudden you’re required to make a minimum purchase of $25:

We felt that was misleading enough to warrant it being removed. However, like we’ve said before, as hard as we work to secure quality offers and vet offers as they come in, we’re prone to human error. If YOU spot a potentially misleading or malicious offer, PLEASE send an email to