The Good, The Bad and The Offers

Team Swagbucks always works hard to make sure that only high quality offers make their way onto our Special Offer walls. We weed out malicious and misleading offers like this one, which can be found on another site out there:

At first, it appears simple: download a fun-looking football game and earn:

After you begin installing the game, you’ll see that you’re agreeing to receive all kinds of pop-up ads, text ads and even pop-under ads!

Then they want you to change your search provider and start-up page:

And finally, they want you to install software from The Weather Channel:

These are exactly the kinds of offers we work so hard to keep off of our wall. No matter how diligent we are, however, there are times when things like this can slip through the cracks; in cases like that, please email us about any malicious/misleading offers at Please keep in mind that this email is not supposed to be used for offers that haven’t credited yet. Those should still go through the green “Missing Swag Bucks?” button.

As always, please remember that we want your Swagbucks experience to be the best one possible – that’s why we have things like Offer Alert in place.