The New Golden Ticket Is A Slam Dunk

So far, the NBA Playoffs have been pretty amazing – the Mavericks have finally figured out the Lakers, the Memphis Grizzlies have been putting up a fight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Heat are playing big. Of course, the NBA Playoffs of yesteryear were pretty amazing too, when Bird and Johnson would face off, His Airness was dropping 63 on the Celtics, and Charles Barkley was making noise in Philadelphia with Bump & Thump.

You can capture these memories and get some Swag Bucks all at once when you snag an NBA Vintage Trading Card 4-Pack for the team of your choice, because that’s currently a Golden Ticket item! The Golden Ticket has changed, too – now, 1 in every 10 will get a Golden Ticket containing a code worth 180 Swag Bucks, meaning that you get some sweet SBs to go with your Rolando Blackman card (if you’re lucky enough to get one – that guy could ball!) Remember, the Golden Ticket looks like this:

What are you waiting for? Get to it!