There’s a code in the cookie jar!

by Team Swagbucks on Tue, May 10th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Just as we promised yesterday, it’s time for a Cookie’s Kids Swag Code Hunt!  You will have 2 hours to follow the step-by-step instructions and find that 12 Swag Buck Code.  As you go through the hunt, make sure you are reading the product names and product descriptions carefully!  Good luck!

Start at Cookie’

Step 1: Check out the brands they offer and click on Hello Kitty.
Step 2: Look at the products they offer for sizes 4-6x.
Step 3: Click on the item that could also be called “quick snooze”.
Step 4: What type of text logo adorns the back pockets?  Search for that in the search box on the Cookie’s Kids website.
Step 5: Click on the pair of shoes that are suitable for a gladiator.
Step 6: What type of adjustable fasteners do these shoes feature? Search that word in the search box on the Cookie’s Kids website.
Step 7: Click on the only pair of white sneakers that is displayed in your search results.
This product’s item number is the code.
You have until 3pm PDT to hunt down that code.  Get crackin’!