Tornado Relief Update

Just because the tornadoes in the Southern US have stopped does not mean that the heartache and turmoil has stopped, too.  Hundreds and hundreds of families and homes still need our help, and due to your previous generous behavior, I know with your efforts we can make a difference.

Simply donating 5 Swag Bucks can help.   And if we all pitch in, these 5SB donations will certainly add up.  Let’s work together to improve the hundreds of lives that were affected by this tragedy.  Every day for the next week, donate 5 Swag Bucks to the Tornado Relief Fund.  That’s only 35 Swag Bucks in total.  If everyone donates 35 Swag Bucks, we can build up a million SB donation!  Although this is not mandatory, I certainly encourage all Swaggernauts to participate.

As of this afternoon, 173,485SB have already been donated to the fund.  Your generosity is incredible, and I know you guys are capable of more!  I’d love to see this number double by next week.  We can do it!

Thank you,