Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – May 25, 2011

For this week’s TTPTP, I had you guys make up a planet and the name for its lifeforms.

The three runner ups, who will each be getting 50 SB are:

#TTPTP My new planets name is “Big Day” & it’s lifeforms are “Bridezillas” – @beachbride2011 (Please DM me your Swag Name)

“I’ve discovered Planet #TTPTP. Inhabitants: Tons of Thankful Patrons for Twitter Phrases.” – number10trigger of Plymouth, IN

“Inhabitants are socks seeking sanctuary via worm-holes 2 planet Notoes- sometimes leaving mates behind in driers & under beds. #TTPTP” – marshaecleveland of Warsaw, IN

And the winner of this week’s TTPTP, and that fresh 500 Swag Bucks…

drum roll please…

“Discovered the planet Swaganus and interacted with its inhabitants the Bucktonians. Fun people, very generous! @SwagBucks #TTPTP”

Congratulations, LordBishop11 of Knoxville, TN!

Great job everyone!

Until next time,