Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – May 4, 2011

This week’s TTPTP was appropriately themed for this weekend’s upcoming holiday.  I asked you to complete the sentence, “A good mother knows how to _____.”

The three runner ups, who will each be getting 50 SB are:

“@SwagBucks A good mother knows how to Listen without Judging, Guide by example and Love with her whole heart. #TTPTP” – TracyIglesias of Bronx, NY

#TTPTP A good mother knows how to wipe a nose, a butt, and a tear. We’d be a mess without her!” – anotefromerica of Plymouth, IN

#TTPTP: A good mother knows how to scare away the monsters living in the closet and under the bed, and fix all known boo-boo’s with a kiss.” – k2plus1 of San Diego, CA

And the winner of this week’s TTPTP, and that fresh 500 Swag Bucks…

drum roll please…

“A good mother knows how to kiss away tears, ease kiddo’s fears, hamper all sneers, and cherish the years! #TTPTP

Congratulations, KUkristi of BelAire, KS

Great job everyone!

Until next time,