Week in Review – May 21, 2011

Happy Happy Saturday!!

How’s everyone’s weekend so far?  Mine is just dandy!

Now let’s review the past week at Swagbucks…

On Monday we announced the new Amazon.co.uk Gift Card Swagstakes available to our UK Swaggernauts.  Now with a limit of 66 entries, your chances of winning are much higher.  Simply buy one entry, and you got yourself a 1/66 chance of winning – pretty good odds!  Good luck!

On Tuesday Monica from Customer Support answer some of your specific questions that you had posed the week before.  To find the answer to “Do Swag Bucks expire,” “Is there a limit to how often you can buy a $5 Amazon card, or can you grab as many as you want,” or “How do Swagstakes work,” click here to read her post.

Wednesday was a very exciting day for us at Swagbucks, because we released our very first Swagbucks themed game, Swagasaurus Run.  Swagasaurus Run stars our very own Swagasaurus Bux as he runs along the landscape, jumping gaps in the land and hopping over prickly Stegosauri of varying sizes.  Check out the game in the Arcade section of Swagbucks Games.  What’s your high score?

On Thursday we ran a Look for Less for the girl you all voted for, Kate Middleton.  I put together most of the outfit – the shoes, the purse, the sunglasses, and the belt – but needed a little help with the dress.  I left it up to you guys to find the most similar and most affordable dress, and you pulled through.  Four Swaggernauts picked out the same dress, which was nearly a perfect match, so good job guys!  To see the whole look, click here.

Yesterday we amped you up for the upcoming week that’s sure to be full of excitement!  We will have a whole new set of Collector’s Bills that will now include a new feature to track the ones you earn as you go.  We will also be running a Swag Code Extravaganza on Thursday, May 26th, and lots of fun games and activities on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week.  Are you excited?

Now go on and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!