What’s your high score?

Yesterday we launched our first ever Swagbucks themed game, Swagasaurus Run!  If you haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, you definitely need to try it out!  It’s a lot of fun and slightly addicting.

Instead of our normal daily Hashtag Hookups on Twitter, yesterday I hooked up 3 users who tweeted a screenshot of their high score that surpassed my high score of 88.77 seconds.  In case you missed it, the 3 Swaggernauts who got hooked up were tardyhomemaker, Shelilah, and asinblue.  Congratulations and great job, guys!

Today, TSG is challenging you!  Make sure to frequently check our Twitter page, because TSG will be tweeting a picture of his high score.  3 people who beat his score and tweet a screenshot will be hooked up with 100SB!  You MUST include “@Swagbucks” in your tweet, and you MUST include your SWAG NAME in order for your tweet to qualify.

Good luck!