Ask The Swag Gal – June 1, 2011

Today’s Ask The Swag Gal question comes from a Swaggernaut looking for some affordable and cool summer activities.

“It seems that the extreme heat of summer has arrived early this year. We are looking for some fun and affordable ways to keep the kids (and the adults) cool this summer besides the obvious pool, beach or sprinkler options. Thanks!”

With the hot weather approaching, this question is probably on everyone’s mind.  Growing up with a pool and a close proximity to the beach, I am rather partial to pool/beach days, but there are definitely other fun ways to keep cool and have fun during the summer.

Visit  your local library – Take the kids and spend the day at the library.  Many libraries offer classes, which is a great thing to do on a hot summer day.  Take the girls to an Arts and Crafts class while the boys have fun in the comic book section.  Plus, it’s free!

Go to a museum – This is a great family activity.  Whether it’s a local museum where you can discover the history of your home town, or an art museum where you can revel in the talents of others, a museum is a great and educational way to get the kids out of house

Go to the aquarium – This is a really fun thing to do that the kids will love.  Give them an eye-level look into what goes on under the ocean.  Some aquariums even offer hands-on attractions.

Spend the day at the water park – Nothin’ like getting wet ‘n wild at the water park on a hot summer day.  Make sure you pack enough sunscreen for the whole family!

See a movie – If you need a good break from the hot sun, take the family to the movies.  Check out TSG’s Summer Movie Previews to find out what movies are coming out this summer.

Boating/Jet Skiing – Take your own, borrow a friend’s, or rent out a little speedboat or jet ski for the day.  Get out on the water for a fun-filled day that is sure to keep you cool.

During the summer, it’s important to stay cool and hydrated.  Even this can be made into a fun activity for the kids.  Set up a lemonade stand at the foot of the driveway to keep the kids busy and keep the neighborhood cool.

You can also make your own ice pops.  Get some little paper cups, some fruit juice, and some Popsicle sticks.  Poor the juice into the cups, stick the Popsicle stick in the center, and throw it in the freezer.  You’ll have homemade frozen treats in no time!  The kids will enjoy making them just as much as they’ll love eating them!

And now I’ll open it up to our Swaggernauts.  What is your favorite way to keep cool during the summer?


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