Connor Hits The Road

This is Connor from Team Swagbucks – I’m the tech guy who’s in charge of pulling all the numbers for the BasketBrawl Scoreboard. I helped come up with the BasketBrawl contest because I’m such a big hoops fan! After last night’s win by the Mavs, the Heat need me in Dallas cheering them on, so I found a ticket for sale online, hopped on a plane and am writing this from the Lone Star State, where I’ll be catching the game 5 action live and in person! WOO HOO!

Unfortunately, this means that the BasketBrawl Scoreboard won’t be updated until I get back on Friday, but I’m taking a redeye so I’ll be at Swag Central bright and early. Keep doing your offers, tasks and deals, though. They’ll all count even though I won’t be here to update that board.

Everyone at Swag Central was really understanding about my going to Dallas for two days (I guess all of those late nights and weekends in the office paid off), and I hope all of you Swaggernauts will be just as understanding.

See you on Friday!