Cookie Sale!

A couple of weeks ago we ran a Swag Code hunt on Cookie’s Kids’ website.  A lot of you had taken notice of the adorable and stylish clothes that they offer on their site.  A lot of their items are available right here on Swagbucks in our Swag Store.  From tops to bottoms, from bibs to belts there is sure to be something suitable for all of our little Swaggertots.

And now here’s where it gets exciting.  ALL Cookie’s Kids prizes are now at least 25% off their original Swag Buck price!  That means that if there was something in the Cookie’s Kids section on your wishlist that you’ve been waiting to snag, now is the time!

Just to highlight a few of my favorites, I’m a big fan of these adorable Black “Sugar” Slippers that are now on sale for only 749 Swag Bucks:

I’m a sucker for these funky Crystal Vogue Shiny Jeans that are now on sale for only 825 Swag Bucks:

And who can resist these “Let’s Fix It” pajamas for 749 Swag Bucks?

And don’t forget – you can also snag the $5 e-Gift Card to Cookie’s Kids to save a little extra on your purchase!


P.S. – The title of this blog post, with no spaces, is a code worth 6SB until 4pm PDT.  All of the letter are lower case except one, but which one?  Good luck!