Earning Swag Bucks On The Go

For those of you Swaggernauts out there who can’t put down your Android phones, Swagbucks has a way for you to earn right from you phone – it’s the new Swagbucks Search Widget, and it’s available for free in Android Market. Just search for Swagbucks, and the Search Widget will show up:

Click on it and you’ll go to the install page:

Press the free to install – there’s no hassle, and no special permissions needed. Once it’s installed, add the widget to your homepage:

Then, you’ll have the widget! It looks like this:

You can search the web, images, videos, shopping or use the voice command on your phone to search:

Then you’ll get search results (and a shot at winning some Swag Bucks) from Swagbucks! The results are displayed using whatever your phone’s default web browser is.

You can make out a little pop-up on the screen – that’s because TSG isn’t signed in on this phone – make sure you’re logged into Swagbucks on your phone’s default browser. That’s all you need to do.

This is the first step for Swagbucks into the mobile world – there’s more to come, so for now, enjoy this great way to search and win Swag Bucks from anywhere your Android phone takes you!