Fly on the Wallpaper

Howdy, Swaggernauts!

I know how much y’all love sales, which is why I’m here to present one to you.  For a limited time only, every single digital wallpaper in the Swag Store is on sale for only 5 Swag Bucks!

We’ve got wallpapers of all shapes, sizes, and colors!  We have scenic wallpapers like the Sunset Tower Desktop Wallpaper:

We have animal wallpapers like the Pondering Desktop Wallpaper:

We also have a great selection of music wallpapers like the Paramore #1 Digital Wallpaper:

If you wanna show us some love, you can snag one of my personal favorites from the Swag Nation wallpapers, the TSG and TSGal Digital Wallpaper:

Or you can choose from the wonderful selection of Swaggernaut submitted wallpapers or Webcomics wallpapers!  And all you iPhone users out there, we even have some wallpapers for your phones!

Click here to see all of the digital wallpapers available at their new, limited time price of only 5 Swag Bucks.

And for a little added excitement, I’ve hidden an 8 Swag Buck code in the description of one of the digital wallpapers.  Use the clues below to help you find it.

The code can be found in one of the Swaggernaut Wallpaper descriptions.

The code can be found in the description of a wallpaper that has a black background.

The code is in full bloom.

You have until 1:00pm PDT.  Good luck!