Get Ready For The Swag Code Extravaganza!

In case you didn’t already know, the Swag Code Extravaganza is TOMORROW!!! What does that mean, you may ask? It means that we’ve got lots of codes, which means more chances to snag some extra Swag Bucks, which means MORE SWAG BUCKS FOR YOU!!!

It’s important, of course, that you be prepared for tomorrow, so that’s what TSG is here to do; for our newer members who may not know much about Swag Codes, check out this blog post to learn what Swag Codes are, what they look like, and how to find them.

Now let’s go over all of the places that you could find a Swag Code. Although most of you resort on the Widget to alert you of an active code, sometimes there could be a Swag Code right there in the Widget. You might find a code in a blog post , on our Facebook wall, on our Twitter page, in a product description in the Swag Store, in a sliding picture on our homepage, in the Wibiya chat bar, or in the MiniSBTV on your toolbar. In order to fully benefit from this Swag Code Extravaganza, you’ll need to utilize all of your tools.

Let’s do this, people.