I Pledge Allegiance to the Swag…

For a long time, we’ve referred to all you guys and gals out there as the Swag Nation. We think it’s high time we formalize this nation of ours, and we need your help, so for all of you photoshop-savvy Swaggernauts, we’ve created the Design The Swagbucks Flag Contest! A great flag provides the perfect symbol for the nation it represents. Just imagine – one day, our flag could be planted on the moon, just like this:

The challenge is simple, but not easy – design a flag for the Swag Nation – be as creative as you want, and really wow us with your design. This contest will run for the next six weeks (a bit longer, actually – we’ll end on July 27th and announce our winner on Monday the 30th).

Each week, we’ll upload all of the recent valid submissions to our Flickr page so you can all check them out – please leave comments for the ones you like the best – we’ll use those to help us hand pick the top 10 submissions of the week, and then let YOU vote on the winner, who will receive 100 Swag Bucks. In week 6, the five winners from the previous weeks will all vie for the grand prize of 1000 Swag Bucks and having their design immortalized on a collectible Swag Buck bill for the month of August.

Here are the contest rules:
– Submit your designs to flags@swagbucks.com with the title: Flag Contest Submission from (YOUR SWAGNAME). Please double check your swagname here; if you submit an invalid Swagname, your entry will not be considered.
– All images must be Safe for Web

– File size must be less than 3mb with a resolution of 1024×768; file format should be jpeg.
-Image must be ATTACHED to the email.

– Only uniquely created designs will be accepted – you can’t simply put a bill image on a flagpole, or slap the logo on a picture you downloaded from the internet – we are looking for fun, unique entries from all you talented Swaggernauts out there. This is a design contest, so get creative with it!

– You can submit multiple designs, but you can only submit each design once, and each design must be submitted separately. If you submit multiple designs at once, we will pick only the first design attached and disregard the others.

– No nudity, inappropriate/profane imagery or language on your design. Entries deemed inappropriate by our staff will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

-We reserve the right to disqualify and entries we deem unfit for competition.

– The submitted designs my be used in future promotional material and/or featured on the site and offered in the Swag Store – by entering this contest, you are giving us permission to republish your work as we see fit.

You can get some graphic assets from us by visiting this area of our Flickr Page – there’s you’ll find logos and character images to help you build the perfect flag.

Good Luck, Swaggernauts! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.