Justin’s Tips: Twitter Trivia

Hi Everyone,

It’s Justin from Team Swagbucks back again to share with you another great and underused way to earn SB. Not too long ago, I showed you all how to write and submit a good Daily Poll suggestion. Last week, I told you about how to submit a good suggestion for TTPTP. This week, I’m going to give you some tips on how to successfully submit a good suggestion for a Twitter Trivia question. If you write a good one, we’ll give you a cool 100SB if we use it.

For starters, like anything you’d like credit for, it begins with including your Swag Name (which you can find here) and sending it to the right place. I can’t express to you enough how important it is to include your Swag Name. If it isn’t there, we can’t credit you. The place to send Twitter Trivia suggestions is TSG’s inbox, theswagguy@swagbucks.com.

Next, lets talk about the anatomy of a Twitter Trivia question. All Twitter Trivia questions should be 3 part questions. In other words, each question should request 3 different piece of information. This can be tough because you have to keep in mind the whole question (and complete answers) have to fit in a single tweet of 140 characters. A simple example of this is:

“Who is the 44th president? What’s his wife’s name? How old is she?”

Ideally, each part of the question is related, but branches away from the first question enough that the information won’t all be available on the webpage. Here’s our same example, but with this sort of branching away in mind:

“Who is the 44th president? What year was his wife born? What famous Disney movie debuted this same year?”

If you really want to challenge The Swag Nation (because Swaggernauts are such skillful and experienced searchers), sometimes it’s a good idea to make them stop and think before answering. Here’s our same example once again, but with a slight twist that makes it even tougher:

“Who is the 44th president? What year was his wife born? How old was the lead actress when Disney debuted their famous film this same year?”

Back to formalities. You must include your answers and your sources. Questions should always only have one correct answer and it should be clear and specific. Had I asked, “what is the most catchy song in the Disney film that debuted the same year,” this would not be an acceptable question as what is most catchy to me is not necessarily what is most catchy to you. Similarly, “What’s photosynthesis?” is not a good question because everyone would answer it differently even if we all came to the same conclusions. On the flipside, “To what life form does the term photosynthesis refer” is a good question because we all would answer just about the same in one word.

About sources: You should include a minimum of one source for each part of the question. If your question only requires one source, you should rewrite your question. Wikipedia is never an acceptable source. It’s a good idea to include more than one source for each part because if we doubt the validity of a question, it will not be used and we will not do the research for you.

With all of this in mind, Thursday is Twitter Trivia day, so I hope you’ll take some time today (and every week) to come up with a good trivia question and send it in so you can cash in on all the Swag Bucks we give away each week to our clever Trivia submitters.

Good luck and Happy swagging!