Let’s Go My Yammy Swag!

Hey there BasketBrawl-ers!  In case you haven’t noticed yet, the score board has been updated and my team, the My Yammy Swag, is down by almost 6,000 points.  This is definitely not in the bag for Da Last Bucks.  My Yammy Swag still can and will come back!  I have faith in my team!  Here’s a little inspiration for y’all:

The clock is running

They’re playing ball

But who will win


My Yammy Swag

is in second place

and Da Last Bucks

are winning the race

But it is not over

it’s not in the bag

because I have faith

in My Yammy Swag

Take those surveys

complete those tasks

I shouldn’t even

have to ask

Special Offers

Daily Deals

1st place

is for us to steal

So come on team

rack in those bucks

make me proud

I wish you good luck!

Let’s Go My Yammy Swag!

Your proud team captain,