Monica’s CS Comment Roundup- Week Three

by Team Swagbucks on Wed, June 1st, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Thanks to everyone who submitted general questions in the comments last week. Here are today’s questions and answers.

When can I expect to get credit for the checkpoints sign-up and when can we expect credit for the monthly scan from checkpoints?

Swagbucks has partnered with CheckPoints, so you will receive 20 SB just for downloading the app and following the instructions in TSG’s blog post! And if that’s still not rewarding enough, you will be credited with 6 SB for every month that you scan at least one product using CheckPoints. Credit is given the following month after you do this. If I scan in May, I will get credit in June.

I just ordered a prize and I am not receiving the verification email, what do I do?

We now offer two options for verifying your prize. You can have an email sent or you can answer your security question to verify it. Simply go to your Order Status page and click on the order not verified. Once clicked you will see two options appear, Resend Verification Email or Verify Via Security Answer. Choose whichever option you feel comfortable with and you are set. If you are not receiving our emails, try adding to your address book. Verification emails may take up to 48 hours to arrive. The verification email subject will be You Must Verify Your Order.

I look forward to reading your questions this week in the comments. Keep them coming!