Offer Alert: It Works

By now, you should be aware that Team Swagbucks works extremely hard to maintain the integrity of our Special Offers page. That involves removing offers that are malicious or even misleading. Here’s an example of an offer we took the initiative to remove because we felt that it was misleading:

This seems like a really simple offer – enter your email address and snag 35 Swag Bucks:

When you click through, it still seems really straightforward:

It’s what happens AFTER you enter your email and “Click Here” that we had a problem with. Instead of getting your Swag Bucks, you get these screens, asking for even MORE info before you get your credit:

We felt that was misleading enough to warrant it being removed. However, like we’ve said before, as hard as we work to secure quality offers and vet offers as they come in, we’re prone to human error. If YOU spot a potentially misleading or malicious offer, PLEASE send an email to