Poll Round-Up – Week of June 20, 2011

Happy Monday, Swaggernauts!

Let’s take a look at the Daily Polls from the past week at Swagbucks.

Besides the 35% of you who haven’t seen enough Batman movies to have an opinion (I’m ashamed to say I fall into this category), 20% of you believe Christian Bale did the role justice the best.

When asked if you mostly lose weight to change your appearance or to be healthy, 44% of you voted that both are important to you.  Of course it’s important to be healthy, but feeling good about yourself is also important.

I thought this next one was an interesting question.  Which way do you face in the shower?  I can’t say I had ever really thought about that.  38% of you said you rotate in a circle.

When it comes to reading books, I never skip ahead.  I like to be surprised with every page, and I don’t want to ruin any surprises for myself.  It seems like 38% of you agree with me.

Regarding your cell phones, most of you like to keep it old school.  You don’t need any of that fancy technology – your phone works just fine without it.

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