Solve the pictogram for 20

Now that we’re beginning to wind down from our exciting day, I’m sure y’all are ready for the biggest code!  Hopefully you guys have been collecting the clues that have been given out throughout the day.  As of right now, you should have found 4 clues.  Here is your fifth and final clue:

So now that you have all 5 clues, what do you do next?  Follow these instructions very carefully.

Code #1 >> – (G) + (W)
Code #2 >> + (Y)
Code #3
Code #4 >> – (APR)
Code #5

Have you figured out the pictogram, yet?  If so, you’re now ready to find the code.  There is a 5-letter body part that can be made using the same letters that make up the answer to the pictogram. That 5-letter body part is a code worth 20SB until 6:30pm! All lower case. Good luck!