This Week’s Top 10 Flags

You Swaggernauts are definitely a creative bunch – your week 1 entries in the Swag Nation Flag Contest were fantastic and although it wasn’t easy, we’ve got the top 10 for the week! I’m going to post them below in no particular order, and then you’ll find a poll at the bottom to cast your vote for whichever one you like best! You have until 5pm PDT Friday to vote. On Monday, we’ll reveal the week 1 champ, who will get 100 Swag Bucks and the chance to vie for Swag Nation immortality by having their design featured on a collectible bill! Here they are:


By sugarandsalt


By Akshay15


By mriics


By KonataIzumi


By pinkorange


By famstuff


By KlaxonExaia


By ksbking


By iDave554


By Emuflash