Train Your Brain

For those Swaggernauts out there who are into keeping their mind strong, your chance to win the Limited Time Swagstakes for the NeuroActive Brain Training Program is ending tomorrow at 5pm PDT.

Complete Brain Training was designed and developed by neuroscience experts. It’s super fun, and very easy to use. This patented program delivers a complete set of brain-stimulating scientifically designed “exergames” that will not only improve your mental agility but give you a more active and balanced life. Like an anti-aging pill for the brain, NeuroActive Program is a key part of an all-natural, no side-effects strategy to ward off the effects of Alzheimer’s and other age-related decline. I actually tried this out myself, and although it was challenging, it was definitely fun and stimulating.

NeuroActive Program is based on cutting-edge neuroscience to provide:
1. A brain that stays youthful, vibrant and healthy longer
2. Better memory, improved concentration, faster reflexes and a clearer mind
3. A rejuvenated brain that performs like 10 or more years ago (for boomers and retirees)
4. Measurable results within weeks that will last for years
5. Protection against cognitive decline seen with age and Alzheimer’s

Enter now for as little as 6 Swag Bucks, but if you just have to have this product NOW, you can order yours by phone at 1-888-780-2724 x 202 – mention discount code “SWAG,” and get 15% off your order!

Anyone up for a round of brain pushup?