Trusted Surveys, Part 1

This is the first of a three part series on Trusted Surveys.  For our veteran users this may be common knowledge but for some of our new users we hope this will help you better understand Swagbucks Trusted Surveys.  In part 1 of Trusted Surveys, I am going to discuss what it means to be qualified for a survey, our profiles and how this can be an easy Swag Bucks earning tool for you, and lastly the three results you will encounter when taking a survey.

Are you qualified?

When you visit your Survey Dashboard you will see a column that says “odds of your being allowed to participate”, which will always displayed as a percentage.  This percentage can range anywhere between 1% and 100% and is based on the questions you answered in your profiles.  The more profiles you fill out the more accurate your odds will be.   Be advised that even if your odds of being able to participate in a survey are 100% that does not guarantee you will pass the pre-screening questions that you will be asked once you click on the link to take the survey.

Do we know who you are?

Did you know you can earn some fast and easy Swag Bucks by filling out your profiles?  When you visit your Survey Dashboard you will notice a tab labeled “Profiles” next to the survey tab.  This link will take you to your profiles page which is full of questionnaires that helps Swagbucks understand who you are and therefore provide you with better qualified surveys in your dashboard.  Profile categories range from questions regarding your beauty and style products to where you plan to travel or have traveled to in the past.   In order to receive your Swag Bucks for completing your surveys your status must say “completed.”  If you see “partially complete” that means you started the survey but didn’t finish it.  Please be sure to visit your profiles page from time-to-time since we are adding profile categories to help improve your survey experience.

Completed, Full, or Disqualified…
When you attempt to take a Trusted Survey you will experience one of three results.  You will either complete the survey, the survey will be full, or you will be disqualified from the survey.
Survey Complete
You will see this message whenever you successfully complete a survey.  Your account will be credited within 72 hours.  However; most accounts are credited within a few minutes.
Quota Full
This is a message that you will see from time-to-time letting you know that the number of recipients needed to take the survey has been filled.  This usually occurs when you are in the pre-screening questionnaire and users who match your same qualifications have already taken and filled the number of participants needed for that given survey.
You can be disqualified from a survey for a number of reasons, but the most common is due to an incompatibility between your qualifications (which was discovered while answering the pre-screening questionnaire) and what the survey is requiring.

Don’t forget, everyday you visit Trusted Surveys you receive 1 Swag Buck just for checking in.  I hope this blog was helpful.  Be on the lookout for Trusted Surveys, Part 2, coming next week.

Until next time,