TV DADness!

You’ve seen the Animated Dads. You’ve met the Movie Dads. Now TSG is going to break down the 4 TV Dads who will be competing for the title of Ultimate Dad in our DADness competition. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable – This OBGYN is known best for his colorful sweaters, hilarious outlook on life, and his love for his family, which includes 4 daughters and one son. He’s a distinguished Hillman grad, a lover of Jazz music and sandwiches, and he was a star football player in his youth. Most importantly, remember: he brought you into this work, Theo, and he can take you out of it.

Mike Brady – We all know his story (it’s about a man named Brady) – he loves he three stepdaughters just as much as he loves his three boys (remember – they were four men living all together, but they were all alone). Whatever the problem, he has the perfect advice – plus, he’s keeping good ol’ Alice employed…

Danny Tanner – He may have been widowed and left with three daughters to raise (with the help of his brother-in-law Jesse and his best friend Joey), but this neat freak makes it happen and hosts a morning show while dispensing even handed advice. A great dad? You got it, dude!

Mitchell Pritchett – It make break Cam’s heart, but we’ve selected Mitchell to represent Modern Family’s favorite adoptive parents. Little Lily gets all the love an attention she needs from her two dads, and we know Mitchell works hard as an attorney to bring home the bacon for his family. He enjoys worrying, being protective, and dressing as Spider-Man.

As you can see, the TV Dads bracket is chock full of very deserving candidates. Tomorrow: Real Life Dads!