Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – June 15, 2011

Being that yesterday was Flag Day, the TTPTP asked you what you’d like to see on your country’s flag.

The three runner ups, who will each be getting 50 SB are:

#TTPTP instead of maple leaf I’d like 2 C bacon, igloos, beer & the word “eh” depicted on our flag. LOL…just 2 keep the sterotype going.” – kwillia08 of Ontario

#TTPTP “dry clean only” and MADE IN THE USA!” – @djandangie (Please DM me your Swag Name for your bucks!)

“@SwagBucks Charlie Sheen holding McDonald’s french fries! #TTPTP” – partychickmn of Arizona

And the winner of this week’s TTPTP, and that fresh 500 Swag Bucks…

drum roll please…

“@SwagBucks A flag made out of mirrors, so that everytime we see it, all the unique faces that make up this country shine back! 🙂 #TTPTP

Congratulations, mwoody or Bear, DE!

Great job everyone!

Until next time,