Understanding Special Offers

Hi everyone – this is Monica from Swagbucks Support, and I wanted to clear some things up about Special Offers – while they can be confusing at times, I think these points will help you avoid some of the more common troubles that people have.

1. If you’ve completed a specific offer from a provider (like Gambit) on another website, you will NOT be able to complete that same offer again on our site. Additionally, if you complete a specific offer from one provider on the Swagbucks Speciall Offers page, you can’t complete that same offer again from a different provider on the Swagbucks Special Offer page. To keep it simple – we don’t allow you to do the same offer twice.

2. Please allow at least an hour for “Instant Credit” offers to show up in your ledger. A variety of things can cause a delay in payout, and before you start the lengthy process of trying to get credited for an offer, allow that window to close. NOTE: Some offers take up to 24 hours to credit, some take longer – always be sure to read the fine print so that you’re aware of exactly when an offer should be expected to credit.

3. If the window passes, and you haven’t completed the offer elsewhere, and you haven’t received credit for a completed offer, you should first contact the Offer company’s support – you’ll find a button on each wall to contact that company’s support team. Please note that this is NOT our support. When contacting offer company support, provide as much info as possible, including screenshots and email confirmations; this will help speed up the process. If the offer company’s support hasn’t responded to your issue within 48 hours, please contact us with all details of your previous communication (including the proof you provided ) with the Offer company – otherwise, we’re just going to wind up sending you back to them.

Please remember that these offers are all from third party providers; we are committed to helping you receive a resolve on this issues, and we continuously work to make this the best possible experience for you, and your detailed feedback is what helps make this possible. We also work to make sure that any malicious or misleading offers don’t make it to our wall; if you happen to encounter one – please email offeralert@swagbucks.com.

Also, while we encourage your feedback to this post, we cannot and will not address specific cases here – those should always be sent through the appropriate channels.