Week in Review – June 25, 2011

I hope all of our Swaggernauts are having a terrific weekend thus far.  Let’s journey back to our past week at Swagbucks, shall we?

On Monday we announced the winner of our DADness tournament.  After a couple of weeks of intense battles, The Cosby Show’s Cliff Huxtable knocked out Finding Nemo’s Marlin in the last head-to-head to take home the crown and the title of Ultimate Dad.  We also introduced our new Comedy section of SBTV on Monday, so make sure to check that out under the Entertainment Channel.

On Tuesday, Monica from CS posted her weekly Comment Roundup in the blog.  Check it out here to find out why users cannot change their Swag Name, get tips on search wins, and find out if you can win a date with The Swag Guy!

On Wednesday we have a very exciting announcement that Swagbucks has been nominated for a Colloquy award!  If you believe in what we do and feel that we deserve the award, you can help us out by voting!  Click here for all of the details.

On Thursday we announced the addition of some new and exciting Gift Cards to our Swag Store.  You can now snag a $5 or a $15 e-Gift Card to ecomom.  Ecomom specializes in providing eco-friendly and organic products to moms who desire an eco-conscious lifestyle for themselves and their children.  From baby food to clothing for mom, from bubble bath to baby shower decorations, they’ve got it all!

Yesterday I sent you guys on a fun Swag Code hunt starting right here in the blog.  Those of you who found all of the clues went hunting around the Swag Store and the Swagstakes and eventually stumbled upon the 16 Swag Buck code.  Congratulations to all of the savvy detectives who found it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!