We’ve Been Nominated!

Recently, TSG received an email that said Swagbucks.com had been nominated for a Colloquy award. We’re up against some stiff competition (Like My Coke Rewards), so if you want to cast a vote for it, we’d definitely appreciate it! We cannot (and would not) give any incentive for a vote – you would be voting because you truly believe in what we do. Here’s how to vote:

Go to the Colloquy Awards Page and click the “Vote” button:

Unless you’re already a member of Colloquy, you’ll need to sign up:

Signing up requires a lot of info, but you can opt out of receiving any communication from them:

Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll see this screen:Check your email for your Colloquy password – it may get routed right into spam, so check there if you don’t see it right away – it gets to you almost instantly. Finally, log in and go to Awards, where clicking “Vote” will take you to the nominees – we can be found at the bottom right:

Clicking on Swagbucks takes you here, where you can complete your voting:

Once you’ve submitted your vote, that’s it. Again, there is NO Swag Bucks incentive for voting – just our heartfelt appreciation. Voting is open until August 2nd, and the winner will be announced on September 14th. If we win, you can bet I’ll be thanking YOU.