Ask The Swag Gal – July 13, 2011

Today’s question comes from a user seeking to look her best this Summer:

“What fashion print patterns are TOTALLY in this summer?”

With Summer comes new Summer fashions.  I’m sure most of us want to hit the beach in the latest trends, so I did some research to find this Summer’s hottest styles. is filled with all of the best beauty tips and secrets, so I resorted to them for finding the trendiest prints.

Animal Prints

By Blumarine

Animal prints are exotic, feminine, and they know how to make a girl stand out, so it is no wonder that they are maintaining their popularity this season.  To get that eye-catching look go for black or brown leopard spots with a pink, turquoise, orange, pearl or green background fabric.  Cool colored prints will actually give you an overall warmer look.

Floral Prints

By D&G

After a cold winter season, nothing is more refreshing than feminine floral prints.  It seems as though flower gardens have been the inspiration for designers for much of their Summer collections.  Floral prints are very in and will look adorable whether it is heavy or light, small or oversized.  This is the time to show off those little floral sun dresses you wait all year to wear.

Digital and Geometric Prints

By Moschino

Fashion designers are using digital and geometric prints more and more for a unique and fresh look.  With prints like these the design possibilities are endless.  Depending on your personal preference, choose a simple fabric or an elaborate one, go for a solid color or multi-colored, big shapes or little ones.  No matter which design you choose in this genre, you’ll stay within the boundaries of “stylish.”

How would you describe your style for this Summer?


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