Ask The Swag Gal – July 27, 2011

Today’s question comes from a user preparing for a fun-filled, beach vacation:

“My family and I are leaving for a big family reunion on the beach in Florida in about 2 weeks! We have been anticipating this trip for over a year! There are going to be about 10 children, ages ranging from 9 mths to 10 years, boys and girls….Do you have any tips for fun in the sun beach games or activities? Anything to keep everyone happy and enjoying themselves! Please help me out with some suggestions, from quick snacks, to games to songs!”

It can be hard to keep just one kid entertained for the day while at the beach, so I can only imagine that it is 10 times harder with 10 kids.  Luckily I’ve come up with a list of games, activities, and snacks to keep the kids busy and the family entertained for hours.


Fill A Bucket Relay Race

This is a fun game for the whole family.  Split up into two fair and equal teams and have each team form a line by the shore.  Set up two buckets about 10 feet from the water’s edge. The object of the game is for each team to carry the water in their bare hands to the bucket. Once a player fills the bucket then the next player in line can grab a handful of water and race to the bucket and so on until the bucket is filled. The first team to fill the bucket wins!

Water Balloon Toss

Everyone grabs a partner and forms two lines so that everyone is facing their partner.  Each pair gets a water balloon.  One player tosses the water balloon to their partner.  After each toss, one line takes a big step backwards.  If your water balloon bursts, you and your partner are out.  The last pair standing is the winner.

Beach Volleyball

All you need is a net (that’s not set too high for kids), a volleyball or a beach ball, and the sand! Some kid-friendlier modified rules of play can include making the object of the game not to let the ball drop and keeping the play going rather than, say, spiking it to opponents.


Collecting Seashells

Take a walk on the beach and collect different kinds of shells.  You can make a game out of it by challenging kids to have a contest to see how many different types of shells they can collect. You can also bring along a book about seashells to help you identify the shells you find.

Sand Writing and Drawing

Sand play is fun and can be very creative. Have the children write their names in the sand with a stick. It’s also fun to use different tools, like a child’s rake to write names. Consider a large-scale sand drawing using a variety of tools – rakes, sticks, forks, and whatever makes for interesting design.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun at the beach while exploring and enjoying the coast!  Split up into teams, and give your teams a garbage bag to carry their items in, disposable plastic gloves, and Wet Ones, just in case.  Make a list of items that you want your teams to try to find (coral, seashells, seaweed, driftwood, etc.), and designate a time and meeting place for the teams to return.  The first team to sang all of the items and make it back within the allotted time will be the winner.


Bring a cooler filled with ice to keep items that need to be refrigerated cold.  Throw some fruit in the freezer the night before and bring them along in the cooler.  They’re deliciously refreshing on a hot Summer day, and provide you with healthy nutrients.  Freezing yogurt the night before can also make for a great beach snack. By the time you’re ready to eat, the yogurt won’t be frozen but will be nice and cold.  You can also bring along some granola or make your own trail mix.

I hope these suggestions help add some entertainment and fun to your vacation!

Does anybody have a favorite game, activity, or snack for the beach?


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