Beat my worDrop score!

I think I have a serious addiction when it comes to Swagbucks Games.  I hope there are other Swaggernauts out there who can empathize with me.  My latest obsession is worDrop, which I find myself playing for hours at a time.  In worDrop the goal is to take the letters falling from the sky and turn them into words as fast as you can.  The game becomes a challenge of quick thinking and fast fingers.  Make as many words as you can, but don’t let any letters fall out of the stage or the game is over.

I’m pretty sure I was playing this game for a good, solid two hours last night.  My highest score while playing was 22,590. If you think you can beat my score, you have a shot at 100 Swag Bucks.  For today only, I will hook up 3 users who beat my score and post a screenshot of their high score on Twitter.  In order to qualify for the 100 Swag Bucks, you MUST include your Swag Name.  The format of your tweet should look like this:

“I just beat TSGal’s score in worDrop. [screenshot] [Swag Name]”

Good luck!

Happy Playing!