Check Out These Week 5 Flags!

This is the final week for the Swag Nation Flag Design Contest, and we received a LOT of submissions. We now have 110 of them available for viewing on our Flickr page, so take some time to check them out, and leave comments on the ones you like the best. We’ll be looking through the album later today to pick the top 10 for this week, and the winner from those 10 will get 100 Swagbucks and the remaining spot in the finals, which will kick off next Monday. Remember that the winner of this contest will get 1000 Swag Bucks AND have their Flag immortalized as a collectible bill for an entire month!

This is a big honor, Swaggernauts. Don’t take this lightly! We’re forging the identity of our nation, and YOU, the people are in control!

Looking forward to seeing what you say…